Digitalisation and Process Optimisation. We raised the bar

godoo - the cultural revolution

Since the industrial revolution there has been no such drastic upheaval of our society as we currently encounter regarding digital innovation. Digital transformation will completely redesign not only our way of working but our everydays lives. e-globe solutions AG is proud to present godoo as part of this digital transformation.

Presentation godoo at SwissPropTech 06.05.2020

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Marco Visin, Head of Development, speaks at the SwissPropTech webinar about the advantages of digitalisation with godoo in the real estate market. godoo supports real estate companies, as well as administration and facility companies in the automation of their work processes. "godoo property management", the basic module for the management of buildings, apartments and other basic elements of real estate management is also presented.

Smart Regio Basel, Webinar – Tuesday, 6th May 2020; 11:00 am

We look forward to reporting on our cooperation with administrations at the webinar on the topic "Opportunities and challenges of Public Private Partnerships". Registration under Smart Regio Basel and SmartCity Alliance.

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e-globe solutions AG is a new member of Swiss Prop Tech

SwissPropTech builds bridges between the established real estate industry and innovative start-ups from Switzerland and abroad. As a new member of SwissPropTech, we are looking forward to presenting an "Elevator Pitch" at the Online Meetup on 6th May 2020 at 4:00 pm.

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godoo for Utilities

godoo was successfully launched in 2017 to support the Fiber to the home rollout at Société Industriels de Genève. The field force organisation could substantially improve the work efficiency by digitalisation of the field force processes.